Wednesday, October 30, 2013

A Sweet Surprise!

This morning, I went downstairs to see what was for breakfast. On the table, there was a special note just for me! 

I was so surprised! It was from my Dad, who loves surprises, especially surprising us! But what could be inside that napkin? 

 Yay!! It was a yummy croissant from my favorite French bakery!
 Mmm, sweet surprises are the best of all.

The croissant looked big, so I cut it in half. Hooray, more for later! 
But then I stopped. 
I looked at my pastry, then I remembered someone who loved croissants as much as I did. 

So I called her over...

And we had a delightful snack. 

Sisters are the sweetest treats of all, don't you think? 

Of course, croissants come soon after. 

Have a wonderful Halloween, and don't forget who your "sweetest treats" really are! 



  1. That's really nice to share with your friend! Cute photostory!!

    1. Thank you! She's actually my sister, but sisters can be the best of friends too, can't they? :)