Wednesday, November 13, 2013

A Visitor

Today I was practicing my piano, trying to learn the new song my teacher taught me. It sort of sounds like an irish folk song, and it's very pretty. Is it just me, or do irish folk songs remind you of spring?

There was a knock on the door, so Angie answered it for me. I had no idea who it was, but I could hear Angie talking with her at the door.  

"Carla, come here!" Angie interrupted, "There's someone you should see." 
I came to the front door. It was Saige! She had taken up my offer and had come to visit, after all. She and Angie had been chatting like old friends.
"Hi Carla!" Saige said, smiling. "How come you didn't tell me Angie was your sister?" 
"You two know each other?" I was really surprised. 

"You know the community animal rescue center I volunteer at?" Angie asked. 
"Of course," I said. Angie helps out there every week, while I'm at my art lessons. Our Aunt Sandie is the manager at the rescue center, so we can go help out whenever we like. 
"Well," Angie explained, "Saige's mom volunteers there, and Saige goes with her and helps out, too. Saige and I have worked together lots of times." 

I laughed. This really is a small world. 

We took Saige all over the house and the garden, showing her around. When it got too windy outside, we came in and talked. 
Snowbelle really took a shine to Saige. She crawled into her lap and stayed there, allowing Saige to pet her. Angie and I were really surprised, because we've never seen Snowbelle warm up to a stranger that fast. 

Just before she left, Saige gave us each a rubber band bracelet she had made. She gave me a fishtail one with purple, green, and white, and Angie got a pretty blue and white one. I love mine so much! 

I had such a fun time today. I hope Saige comes again soon, because she is such a charming friend. I'm sure Snowbelle hopes so, too!



  1. I love doing rainbow loom for dolls and me!

  2. How great for you and Angie to make a new friend! It sounds like you three have a lot in common. And Saige is sooo pretty as well!