Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Our Indoor Garden

Hi everyone! Today I was watering our house plants, when I noticed a new flower. It was the first blossom of our cactus plant! I was so excited, I ran and got my mom. We are both flower fanatics. 

Our orchids are also in bloom. My mom loves orchids, especially this one. She says it makes her happy. 

We usually just grow flowers inside, but this year I tried growing a pepper plant. Let's just say... it didn't turn out like I thought it would. My peppers are all withered. Maybe it's because it didn't get enough sun, or maybe it got too much sun. My family calls it the "pitiful pepper plant". That pretty much says it all. 

Gardening is a big thing for our family. We love growing plants and watching them turn into something great or beautiful. I guess that kind of goes with people, too. Even though it's hard, the only way people grow is through the weeds, the rain, and the thunderstorms. 
Remember, "You can't have a rainbow... without a little rain." 


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