Monday, November 11, 2013

Sunset With Snowbelle

Today was a beautiful fall day, so I took Snowbelle for a walk at sunset. She loves going outside, and she and I played in the leaves. Snowbelle is grown up, but she still frolics like a little kitten. 

I've been trying to teach her some tricks. Who says only dogs can learn? 

Snowbelle is the best cat in the world. We've rescued her two years ago, and I'm so happy she's mine. No matter how old she gets, she'll always be my little kitten! 
Do you have a special pet? Comment below and tell me about it!



  1. Hi Carla, I'm Sophie! I just found your blog, and it looks great! You look sooo much like me that it's almost scary, haha! Anyway, your kitty Snowbelle is adorable. I love cats, too, but my twin sister is allergic. We can't have any pets!


    1. Hi Sophie! I know, we really do look alike! Possible relations, maybe? :) jk
      That's too bad you can't have any pets, but having a twin sister must be lots of fun!