Thursday, January 30, 2014

Decorating for Valentine's Day!!

Today Angie and I decided to redecorate our room for Valentine's Day!

We took down all of our old decorations and brought in every pink thing we owned. I found a pink table, and Angie brought in some lanterns and other knick-nacks we had. I also brought in my DIY Valentine's Day Heart Garland.

We had a lot of stuff so we decided on a game plan.
 "I'll work on arranging all the pink stuff. You hang up the garland and re-do the bed," Angie instructed. Whenever we do organizing or redecorating, I usually let her take the lead. She's really good at instructing people on those type of things. Me... not so much. 

Angie cleaned the table and began putting things where they belonged.

I started hanging up the garland. I decided to place it above our bed, because I thought it would look nice on the blank, white wall. 

The whole process shouldn't of taken more then thirty minutes, but Angie and I took an hour. That's because we weren't just working. We were singing love songs, talking, cracking jokes (that aren't really funny to anyone else but us), and just being plain silly. Angie usually keeps a steady face but she's good at making me laugh. Our mom came up because she could hear the laughing all the way from downstairs. 

Finally, we finished. The room looked so festive and sweet.
It's very... pink... but hey, it's Valentine's Day! Overall, we're very happy on how it turned out. 

I love decorating, for Christmas or for Valentine's Day-- it just makes the holiday feel more special.  Also, seeing pretty, colorful decorations around the house makes me happy, too. My mom saw this as a way to get Angie and me clean up our room. 

Have you put up any Valentine's Day decorations yet? 


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