Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A Window View (An Angie Post)

Today I was looking through the window, admiring all the snow. It snowed a little today and more is supposed to be coming. Both Carla and I love snow--I especially love watching it fall. The house feels so cozy when the fire's on, and all you can see is white outside. 

I was watching the snowflakes fall onto our front yard when I saw a blue speck in the blanket of white. 
It was Carla, who looked up and waved at me. She was shouting something and motioning at me, so I opened the window to hear what she had to say. 
"Angie, come out!" she called. "I'm building a snow fort, and I need your help." 

"Where is it?" I asked. My eyes had to get adjusted to the snow first, then I made out a little fort, which Carla had evidently been working on, block by block. It looked a little like an unfinished igloo. 
"Angie, are you coming or not?" 

"I'm coming!" I answered, cheerfully. I closed the window, bundled up and headed outside. Carla and I had so much fun in the snow today, but personally I think my favorite part was coming in for hot cocoa afterwards. 

What's your favorite part of a snow day? 

* Angie *

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