Sunday, February 2, 2014

Chic Carla: Superbowl Style

Hi everyone! I decided to start the new month with a new post collection! It's called Chic Carla, and I'm going to be showing you what I am wearing, hopefully to give you inspiration for your wardrobe! I love fashion, and this seemed like the perfect way to incorporate it into my blog. The Chic Carla posts will just be like OOTDs. I hope you'll like it!
Anyway, we're going over to our family friend's house to watch the Superbowl today, and I'm rooting  for the Bronchos! I decided to dress up in their colors. 

Dress: AG Saige's Meet Outfit
Jacket: Springfield Dolls
Shirt: Created by Carla
Boots: AG Saige Meet outfit 
Necklace: Created by Carla
Hair Barrett: Created by Carla 

What football team are you going to be cheering for? 


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