Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Visiting the Animal Rescue Center

Today Angie and I visited our community animal rescue center! Angie helps out there, but I've never gone before because I'm usually at art lessons. But today art was cancelled, so I went with Angie to help out. 

There were a lot of animals there, mainly dogs and cats. I fell in love with all of them immediately-- they were so cute!  And they had the sweetest names. A cat named Buttercup and a puppy named Rosie? How adorable is that? 

Our Aunt Sandie, who is also the manager of the place, gave us odd little jobs to do. We fed the animals, helped groom some, and we played with them. At first, the animals were a little  distant, especially towards me,  but by the end we were all romping about, and they were perfectly at ease. I don't know what all these animals have been through, but I do know that they all deserve a good home. In fact, I was tempted to take one or two of them home with me. 

Most of the animals knew Angie, and cuddled up by her immediately. Evidently, she was a personal favorite among them. 

By the end of the day, we were tired out. But helping out had been so worth it. We had bonded so much with the animals that they were now snuggling onto our laps with no reserve. 

I guess I never truly realized how "A dog is a man's best friend" until after spending a day at the rescue center. 

Just an afterthought... Angie and I felt drawn to one animal in paticular while we were at the rescue center. But we can't adopt another animal! What would Snowbell say...

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