Thursday, June 5, 2014

An invitation! (part 1)

I went to the mailbox today for the mail, and there, popping out inside, was a pink envelope! And it was addressed to Angie and me! 

I ran all the way home and jumped on my bed and called Angie. I said something like, "Angie, get over here! We got a letter!" She was besides me in ten seconds flat (you might've noticed by now that we don't get letters very often).

I tore open the letter, revealing the cutest little invitation card.

Angie and I both breezed over invitation, barely holding our excitement in. Then came the squeals, the jumping up and down, and the rapid, incessant chatter. We were invited to Saige's birthday party!

Then, the questions began.
"What are we going to get her?"
"What should we bring?"
"Who should write the card?"
"What are we going to wear?"

You see, Angie and I get very excited over parties (especially if it includes hanging out with friends, playing games, and of course, cake).

We were talking and talking, then suddenly Angie sobered down. "Carla, is our schedule even open on the day of the party?"

I stopped. We both stared at each other, then a sudden recollection hit us. 
The day of the party was on Saturday. 
And on Saturday  we had promised to visit a local ranch and help out with the horses.

Suddenly, Angie and I found ourselves in a tough spot.

(to be continued)