Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Saige Has a Blog!! (+An Invitation! Summery)

Hey friends!
My good friend Saige (you might have seen her in some of my posts), has a blog now!!! It's called Stylish Saige because Saige is stylish, what can I say? Here's the link: http://stylishsaige.blogspot.com/
Go check it out!! If you're curious on what Saige's life is like, then this blog is perfect for you :)

Oh, and if you we're wondering about the birthday party from here, well. The party ended up being at the local ranch we were supposed to be volunteering at! Crazy, huh? Actually it wasn't that surprising since Saige loves horses, but Angie and I flipped when we found out. It just shows how small this world really is :)

Soooo....Saige + Blog.... GO SEE